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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Yard Decorations

The day to bask in the essence of the heavenly spirit and have a gala of a time with those close to you is here. It's the day when the whole world celebrates the birth of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It's the day of Christmas and it brings glad tidings along with much needed holiday spirit that will keep you going after all is done and dealt with. But while you're at it, do the best; whether it's celebrating or decorating. While decorating, every part of your home should be taken into consideration, including the yard as it provides ample opportunities for the natural decorator in you.

Apart from the windows and front doors, yard is the only other area of the house that is visible to the people outside and hence makes for a perfect place to utilize for Christmas decorations and display your decorative creativity. With whatever and however you decorate the yard, it will be easily seen and admired by the passersby. Moreover, unlike the windows and the doors, you won't be confined to a limited space but will get more than enough to make use of. Christmas tree, lights, nativity scene, and other decorations; all can easily fit in there and jazz up the proceedings. Read below to get some ideas on beautifying the yard with Christmas decorations.

Yard Decorating Ideas For Christmas
  • To begin with, trim and rake the yard to remove any unwanted elements that you don’t want to become a part of your decorations.
  • Set up the Christmas tree first and then base your decorations around it. Choose a location in the yard from where the Christmas tree can be seen by both: you from inside the house through the window and the people who pass by your house. There are a variety of Christmas trees to choose from like noble fir, grand fir, and the Scotch pine etc.
  • Start on decorating the tree with the best of ornaments. If you have a particular theme in mind, go according to it and base your choice of colors and types of ornaments on it. Use Christmas bells, balls, chimes, small decorative cherubs, birdies, Santa, candies, lights, or whatever you think will look good on it.
  • Lighting is not just for the tree, but for the whole of the yard. It’s important that you know where the electrical outlets are before you start on with the lights. Take the strings of LED lights and fix them, starting from the front porch to the walkway, leading to outside of the yard and then the sidewalks and railings.
  • Make sure the strings of light and other decorations are protected from wind, rain, and snow. If not, arrange all of it in a way that they are not jumbled up and can be taken down quickly without you getting jumbled up in the proceedings.
  • Pick a spot where you’d like to display the nativity scene. Don’t decorate the scene with Christmas lights; rather, consider buying an outdoor floodlight or spotlight that can be fixed atop a tree and helps directly illuminate the scene. It will make the nativity scene come alive in the dark.
  • Don’t keep the lighting and other decorations limited to the Christmas tree or the home, but cater even to rest of the trees and objects like mailbox or address board in the vicinity (if any).
  • On the adjacent side of where the Christmas tree has been placed, you can place other decorative items like a reindeer pulling a sleigh with Santa on it. If you want a snow based setting, you can use an artificial snow blower if there isn’t original snow already.
  • Finally, if you wish to have a party or small together in the yard with barbeque or bonfire, make sure the tree and decorative items don’t create space issue and that the wires of the lightings don’t come in the way of having a carefree merry making time.

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