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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Artificial Christmas Tree

Gone are the days, when artificial Christmas trees were considered inferior to their real counterparts. Today, with the increase in competition and demand for readymade trees, artificial Christmas trees are flocking the markets, during the festive season. A wide variety of the product is available in the stores, which expands the option of the consumers. While natural pine trees obviously look better and bring more warmth to your Christmas decoration, the artificial one is easier to assemble, decorate and put away for later use. The option of having an artificial Christmas tree is also a boon for environmentalists, as it is a way to save thousands of trees from being cut just for a day of fun.

Over the passing years, artificial Christmas trees have undergone tremendous makeover, which has helped them to look exactly like the real ones. Nowadays, a variety of materials is now used to make artificial Christmas trees, including Balsam Fir, White Pine and Scott Pine. Trees made of fiber optics are in hot trend, because there is no need to worry about the replacement of lights. If you have purchased an artificial Christmas tree for the festival this season, then this article will be handy. Given below are some useful tips to buy and decorate artificial Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas Tree
  • The artificial Christmas tree must be bought keeping the size of the room, its height and floor area in mind. For a very small room, you can use just a cheap artificial tabletop Christmas tree that is not only economical, but also easy to be put away in a corner.
  • Cheap small artificial Christmas trees are available on wholesale purposes and on sale during the Christmas season to decorate a large venue.
  • Most of the cheap artificial Christmas trees need to be assembled and decorated. They have brackets to hook the branches and then you can hand ornaments, garlands, holiday nosegays and Christmas lights on them.
  • Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees are also available in the market. They are little expensive than the tabletop ones, and may have hinged branches that open up like an umbrella. They are normally decorated beforehand and all you have to do is to plug them into the socket to illuminate them.
  • Don't forget to buy heavy metal stand to place your tree that can easily support the weight of the tree along with ornaments, lights and decorations.
  • Although the artificial Christmas trees available in the stores are already decorated sufficiently, you can add your personal touch to them by making use of homemade ornaments. Depending upon the size of the tree, you may hang bells, toy ornaments and embellishments made of clothespins.
  • Many artificial Christmas trees do not come with tree toppers. In such a situation, decorate the tree with a Christmas star or snowman tree topper. This would give the finishing touch to your artificial tree as well as enhance its overall appeal.

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