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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Truth’s Journey

Truth’s Journey 

The story of the train is about each individual coming to grip with their own
personal truth. When the heart (the whistle) and the soul (the train) come together,
they create a need within the person to change because the person’s 
pain is too great.

There’s a train coming, can you hear it?
Some of you don’t even know about this train.

One day, you hear the whistle blowing.
You look out the window, and there it is.
And you let it go by.
Every time you struggle, you think of that train.
And it frightens you.

One day, as you awaken,
you begin to prepare others.
You tell them that one day, You will be on that train.

And once again, when the train appears,
you ignore it.

Those you love tease you about your train.

Matters have gotten worse.
Sadly, hopelessly, again
you wait for the train.

A strong desire comes over you,
“I want to get on this train.”
And again, you ignore your feelings.

Then, one day,
when you think you’re ready to go,
as you’re waiting for the train,
the train doesn’t come.

Confused, you return back to those you love.
Those who love you can see a difference.
A frightening difference.

This time,
it looks as though you may just be ready,
ready to board your train.

Your loved ones attempt to change.
Skeptical, quietly,
you want to believe them.

You notice that the train hasn’t been around for a while.
You sigh with relief.

Those you love also notice.
Your train, it hasn’t been around for a while.

They revert to their old behaviors.
They blame. They shame.
They ridicule. They abuse. Again.
In desperation, you cry out for your train.
You hear the train coming.
This time, the whistle seems louder than ever before.

Your heart pounding,
you make a decision like never before.
You turn back for one last look.

The train approaches slowly, 
And stops.
You continue forward,
And board your train.

Those you love
Watch in amazement,
And whisper softly,
“She-he will be back.”

And you whisper to yourself, “I can never return again”

The name of the train is Truth’s Journey.

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