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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Power of Love

This is taken from a blog(Nivea) that I visit recently. It is very touching and meaningful. It goes like this:
How much u love?? i received that in an email, i think it is really interesting Until when we love? That is the love…. feed the life, even on the death… A couple was in a high velocity on the road…
Girl: Slow! i am scared…
Boy: No! that is fun!
Girl: No, it is not! please, u are scaring me!
Boy: So say u love me Girl: ok. I love you
Boy: Give me a big and tigh hug (the girl hold him tight)
Boy: Could u take off my helmet and put on you, it is bothering me.
On the papers next day there was the news: There was an accident with a bike cause of mechanical problems, there were 2 people there and just one survived.
The truth is that, when they were downing the road when the boy notice that the brake of the bike wasn’t working, but he didn’t want to tell to the girl, because he didn’t want to scared her. He made her said she loved him and made her gave him a last hug and gave her the helmet to make sure she would live even though he knew that he would die.
Happy are the people that can love with this intensity. This is a beautiful ( but sad) story, and the person who sent me that message asked me: “who is the person that u would give your helmet?” I have my answer…. and that’s you!

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