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Friday, January 27, 2012

Poems – Falling in Love

Falling in love

There is a difference between saying “I love you”
and falling in love. When you say “I love you”,
you are making a conscious decision.
You say it because you want to say it.
But when you fall in love
you have no control over it.
You may or may not want it to happen,
but it happens nevertheless.
And therein lies the charm of falling in love.
It is like a journey planned by someone else,
someone you will never know,
and you are just going along for the ride.
And what a lovely ride it can be.
It is not about sex, rather it’s about feelings,
and caring, and sharing, and ecstasy, and compromise.
It’s about mystery, and emotion, and surrender.
It’s about walks in the park together,
going to a movie together,
doing lunch together,
everything, together…
And it’s about freedom,
and your sense of individualness.
It’s about giving your loved one space,
and retaining your own as well.
And finally, it’s about acceptance,
acceptance of your loved one’s desires,
her strengths, his weaknesses.
And it’s about knowing yourself.
It’s about the fact that she may not always be with you,
but will always come back to you.
And it’s about always “being there” when he does.
It’s about patience and gentleness and space.
It’s about love…

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