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Friday, January 27, 2012

Poems about Relationships

Because of you

Because of you,
my aspirations of leading
a bachelor’s life,
with a different lover
for each day of the week,
seems silly and uninteresting to me now.
Because of you,
I now sit in sidewalk cafes more often,
go for walks along the beach,
write poetry,
and think about the last time I saw you,
always the last time I saw you.
Because of you,
I think of fields of flowers,
clouds in the sky,
music in the park,
the sound of your voice,
the touch of your skin,
and painting again…

Come lie in the moonlight with me tonight

The first time I saw you, you took my breath away.
The first time we walked that perfect evening,
and you put your arm around my waist,
I felt like I was walking with the angels on earth.
When we sat on a log and watched the sun go down,
I understood how perfectly beautiful the world could be.
My heart soared when you took my hand.
Each time I entered a room and you were there
I felt like the richest man on earth.
When you called and said “Hello John”
my soul was instantly filled with your beauty,
and my world became an enchanted place.
The sun shone every hour I was with you.
The simple thought of our friendship
enchanted me and begged for more.
But now it’s over, you and I.
What never was will never be.
But I will never forget you.
And so I sing my song of love one more time
just in case you’re listening,
just in case you have found a way not to be afraid.
Come lie in the moonlight with me tonight.
Come listen to the wind and the trees
breath heavily as they make love with us.
Come lie in the moonlight with me tonight.

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