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Friday, January 27, 2012

Poems about Love

The language of love

Intimacy and love are expressed
in many different ways.
A glance across a crowded room.
A question asked a certain way.
A phone call late at night,
just to ask how you are.
Flowers out of nowhere.
Love has many languages,
and takes many shapes.
Just when I think I’ve seen them all,
you show me another.
I love you for that…

You are always with me

Each day
I carry my cell phone with me in case you call.
The miles that separate us
disappear when I hear your voice,
and I am reminded that
we are not really that far apart.
Each night
I put my phone on the table beside my bed,
because you seem closer when it’s there,
and I sleep better.
Sometimes I reach over
and touch the phone…

Love and magic

When there is magic in a love affair,
a lifetime can be a moment.
I smile when I think of all the lifetimes
we have spent together
in such a short time…

Love is free

I love you.
Did you know?
Please don’t be afraid.
I ask nothing in return.
My love is free.
And I don’t give it away easily.
So there…

You are my test

I’ve always said that love should make us free.
You are my test you know. I want you to be free.
But I’ve fallen in love with you.
It wasn’t supposed to be this way.
But some things we have no control over I guess.
So what now? What do I do?
Do I tell you and smother you, and lose you?
Or do I savor the feeling and enjoy you?
I know what I’ll do. I’ll write a little poem for you.
Then you will be part of my life forever.
I will watch you fly. Did you know you can fly?
We will be friends, and you will never know.
I will help you, and learn from you,
and touch you in my dreams.
You are my test. You are my test.

In the shadows of my mind

I saw you again yesterday,
standing there quietly
in the shadows of my mind.
You are so beautiful,
and I love you so.
If only you were not afraid
and could let me touch you
we could both give each other
something to believe in,
something to cherish silently
the rest of our journey
through life…

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