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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poems about Friendship

Six beautiful little words

I listened to a gifted jazz musician tell a story one evening,
about how he lost his girlfriend and sister to cancer in the same month.
He had no music in his life anymore after that happened.
Then a friend spoke six little words that turned his world around.
"Come play with me for awhile" he said.
"Come play with me for awhile."
At a time when you are the most vulnerable,
and you need a friend in a special way,
most friends stay away because they are afraid.
Why are we all so afraid of being used?
Sometimes we just need someone to show us that
the world can still be a beautiful place. No strings attached.

You give me a sense of pride

When I see the way mankind treats the world,
I feel ashamed of being human.
When I see the way we treat each other,
I feel ashamed of being a person.
When I see the way some men treat women,
I feel ashamed of being a man.
But when I look at you,
at the way you treat your family and your friends,
at the way you treat your wife and yourself,
at the way you exercise your responsibilities,
at the values by which you live your life,
I begin to look at things a little differently.
I begin to feel proud again.
And I smile more...


For most of your life
you have been running away.
I understand you.
In a world where there is so much hurt,
this is the safest response.
I understand you.
But I am different.
I hope you will see this. I hope
you will come to understand me.

I have devoured your doubt

I told you it was possible
to love more than one.
I have devoured your doubt
and shown you a new world,
our world,
God's world.
If everyone thought as you do now
the devil would die
a quick and painless death
and you could roll over
and sleep in unguarded peace,
with the final, quiet knowledge
that I pose no threat to you...

Freedom, friendship, love, and flowers

A yellow rose is freedom and friendship.
A red rose is love and passion.
I wish for you
both yellow roses
and red roses
all the rest of your life.

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