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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poem - Love is a Journey

Love is a journey

I have matured into love
three times in my life,
and have discovered with each
a freedom beyond measure.
Each time it happened
I was left wondering;
What did really happen?
Why was I feeling this way?
It took some time to realize
that what I was feeling
was a sense of exuberant goodness
about myself and my life.
The simple fact that I loved someone
made my world a little lovelier,
gave my life a purpose,
and put a spring in my step.
Making love a gift rather than a request
is the highest expression of freedom.
It releases us and gives our spirit wings.
It shows us the real beauty of ourselves and the person we love.
As a result I have decided that
love is a journey towards itself,
that we have no real control over it,
but that it can be the ride of a lifetime if we take it.
To fall into love is common.
To rise into love is exquisite.
To mature into love changes us
and our view of the world forever...

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