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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Peace At Last

Peace at Last

by Kathy Taylor
They brought me here late last night
To this place so dark and cold
I heard them say my days are over
Now I feel so all alone.
My eyes adjust to this dim light
But I see no one I know
I wonder why they left me here
So far away from home.
I always did my best for them
I just don’t understand
Why I never heard kind words of thanks
Or the gentleness of a hand.
But wait, I hear a crying sound
In the pen right next to me
And when I peered between the boards
A mother cow I did see.
I asked her, “Why are you crying?
And why do you look so sad?
Could it be your master has left you too?
Did you do something bad?”
She looked at me with big brown eyes
And said, “No, I’ve been good.
My master says now I’m too old
To give milk like I should.
For each year I’d have a baby
Oh, a beautiful baby, you’d agree
And each year they’d take my baby away
The babies that meant the world to me.
But now I’m old and tired
And I must go away
To where I’ll be a calf again
To run and jump and play.
And so I’ll pray for you my friend
I hope your end comes fast.
Just close your eyes and think of me
And you’ll find peace at last.”
And then she turned back to the corner
And cried her silent tears.
And I was left alone again
With nothing but my fears.
Soon a man came for me
With a sneer upon his face.
He looked at me and then he said,
“Gawd, are you a disgrace!”
“With ears too long and a ratty tail
And a cross upon your back.
The things that I admire in a horse
Are all the things you lack.”
Well, I had heard those words before
And they always made me sad.
I’d often felt the sting of a whip
Since the time I was a lad.
He led me to a big bright room
There were people everywhere.
And when they saw me standing there
They just looked at me and stared.
Then they started laughing at me
And making fun of my long ears.
They were laughing so hard at me
That they didn’t see my tears.
I let out a bray louder than them
But it only made them laugh more.
And that’s when a man hollered “SOLD”
And I was led out another door.
Standing all alone again
With my head hanging down so low
I heard the door to my pen open up
And I knew it was time to go.
So with my eyes closed tightly
Against what was to come
I felt a kind hand upon my face
But where could this be coming from?
I opened my eyes and saw
A little girl smiling bright.
She wrapped her arms around my neck
And held me oh so tight!
My days are full of sunshine now
With my little friend.
We go for walks in the hills
And my heart is on the mend.
She thinks my ears are beautiful
And tells me so each day.
I think she knows just how I feel
When I greet her with a bray!

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