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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Count Your Blessing

Today I count my blessings.... 

1. I am blessed with a healthy body
2. I am blessed with two kids -- one boy and one girl 
3. I am blessed with loving parents who care so much for me
4. I am blessed with a happy family
5. I am blessed with a home to stay

Inside each of us is a very beautiful place. It is a special place where we really live. It is where we find our truth and God's will for us. 

We find that place when we quiet our minds in meditation.
We find that place when we quiet our minds and look within, listening with our hearts, not with our minds.

By taking the time to begin our day in this manner, all the rest of our 24 hours will be influenced spiritually. We can continually tap into this peace and quiet that is only a breath away.

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