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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Change My Heart

Take my heart, o God,
and make my life brand new.
Change my heart, dear Lord,
so I can be like You.
Let Your light shine forth
throughout my life
that Your Name, Lord,
may be glorified.
Draw me closer to Your side
that in Your presence I may hide.
Whenever the storms of life start shaking
and I feel my heart is breaking,
help me remember that You are near
and that I need not have this fear.
In Your presence there is fullness of joy
for You’ve anointed me with oil
of gladness
and lifted up the spirit of heaviness.
Search my heart, o Lord, right now
whilst before Your throne I bow.
Cleanse me from all hurts and bitterness
that have been caused by years of heartaches.
Thank You for your blood that cleanses
me from all iniquities.

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