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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Angels Poetry

Angel born on earth
They an angel that was born today
Not in heaven like the rest of them stay
The angel was born on earth sent by god
Not to spy on people but was blessed by the love of a family
The angel lays down looking around then see what he was going to live in.
Not that the angel was not loved as he was a gift sent from above.
The angel was a girl and she was going to be a life safer 5 years from now.
Not that any one else would know this now but she was gone safe the world.
The angel of life and death.good and bad that we had done.
Not that the angek cared god sent her to look after every one and tell them of love.
Angel born in heaven
Angel Hands
Hands that hold a little one,
Safe and snug upon their lap.
Rocking when the day is done,
Or just in time to take a nap.
Little treasures told in stories,
Teaching right from wrong.
Or the sound of sweet melodies
You hear within a song.
The gentleness in someone’s touch,
Or soft sound of a whisper.
Have come to mean so much,
Leaving precious memories forever.
An angel‘s hands gently held me,
Caressing me with their love.
Leaving behind a precious memory,
Of an Angel’s sweet love!

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