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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Angel Hearts

Angel Time
Angel, I can see myself
Angel, won’t you feel for me,
From your heart?
Do return my heart to me
I’m already hurt

It was an accident unfortunate
Angel, threw me like a man timed
Why amuse yourself in such way
No don’t insist,

Lay me down on the ground softly softly
Don’t remove my head hurts much too much

You never return it
Well I wouldn’t miss it
I shed no tears, broken me
It’s my peace of mind
You’ll never know,
Now inside and outside are matching one,

Why amuse yourself
Will it break your wings
Will you shed no tear for broken me
My Angel Time,
My Angel.

Angel & man
angel live high up in the sky
man bottom down to earth
angel flying and swinging above
man looking up and down
angel giving man pain in the neck
man speak to the angel
it there a way we can meet half way
angel yes up way and down
soon it come our way
man I will be here waiting for this way

You Have An Angel Now
You have an angel now, to hold you when you are lonely,
to wipe the tears when you cry, your beautiful Mom, your loving
angel, now lives with God beyond the blue sky.

Maybe God needed her to help all the little children in this world,
for it takes someone special to care for hurting little boys and girls.
Your Mom will be an angel to many little hearts, she will bring smiles
to many just as she did to you, right from the very start.

I know you miss her sweet voice, her hugs, and her beautiful face,
but just know you will meet her again in God’s beautiful place.
It is there that you will live with her forever, never to part, you can
walk by that river of life, pick the most beautiful rose, and place it
near her heart.

Your angel will always be there with you, through laughter and pain,
to help you on your bad days, to take you in from the pouring rain.
When life gets to hard, let her take you in her arms, just as
she did when you were but a little child, to keep you safe from harm.

You have an angel now, to watch you as through life you go,
take her hand son, hold it tight and never let go.
The most beautiful angel will walk daily by your side, let God and your
angel, your loving Mother be your guide. 

Angel of Light
Angel of light, Angel of might
Come and soothe my soul tonight.
Give me strength, and give me rest.
So I can be my very best.

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